An Investment Philosophy Focused on Commercial Mortgage Investments

About Ladder Capital Asset Management

Ladder Capital Asset Management LLC (“LCAM”) is dedicated to investment opportunities in commercial real estate (“CRE”) secured credit products on behalf of its clients. This targeted approach plays to LCAM’s in-house expertise, and is designed to appeal to investors seeking to build portfolios with tightly-controlled, self-selected, custom concentrations.

LCAM is principally focused on investment grade rated commercial mortgage backed securities (“CMBS”) and other CRE-related bond investments with the following benefits:

  • generally secured obligations
  • multiple layers of credit support via subordinated bonds and equity
  • liquid and active markets, and
  • historically attractive yields relative to similarly rated unsecured corporate bonds

LCAM portfolios are designed to deliver income with a consistent focus on capital preservation. LCAM pursues a disciplined bottom-up management approach that carefully analyzes the risk characteristics of each security. Portfolio Managers at LCAM have deep expertise in commercial mortgage investing, offering the benefits of an asset class that has been previously out of reach for non-institutional investors.

Key Stats

LCAM founded

26 Years
Average CRE experience of Portfolio Managers

271 Basis Points
Average annual excess yield of CMBS Bonds rated BBB- over Corporate Bonds rated BBB (5-Year Average through 9/30/2017)